Mama Stories

Stories from the Journey to Mamahood

I encourage my mama-to-be clients to surround themselves with stories aligned with the experience they’d like to have. Driven by the desire to more fully support the transition to mamahood, I’ve gathered stories of women’s experiences becoming a mama and shared some gems here.

From Scared to “I Did That!” – During her first birth, a mama finds the safety and trust to overcome her fear and discover her body’s natural capability. Looking back, she is empowered!

Community – A mama shares the influence of community support during her pregnancy.

The “I’m Pregnant” Call – A funny story about that special call.
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Big Brother at His Sister’s Birth – A second-time mama expresses how she communicated with her son in preparation for his sister’s birth, and his sweet reception of his sister’s arrival.
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Ready for Birth – A mama is surrounded by the perfect nurturing “in those days waiting for labor to come.”
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Nobody Wrote Back – A mama experiences lack of support at a rough moment, and shares the simple thing that would’ve made all the difference.
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“Mother Roasting” – A friend & colleague’s beautiful writing on the tradition of supporting mother and baby in the first month postpartum, using her own postpartum story as example.
(This was published in a journal, which can be read online after going through the journal’s “checkout” (online viewing is free). See the essay on Viet Mother Roasting Birthways on pg 5-7. Link to the journal)

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