Your nurturing guide to simple, loving awareness, for your mamahood or healing journey.

Mama Massage and Intuitive & Energy Healing

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Nurturing and healing through Integrative Massage, Golden Heart Alchemical Healing, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, and Sublime Union.

Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-One Yoga

Movement and breath to grow compassionate awareness of body, emotions, mind and the essence of you.

“Megumi has a warm, gentle, nurturing personality and really loves what she does. This shows at all levels, and makes the experience even better. ” – K., on Yelp

“Megumi is one of those individuals you meet and are instantly put at ease and feel like you’ve known her for a really long time.” – Jeanne, on Yelp

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Photos by Kimberly Ky & Gaia Luna Birth.

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