Compassion Tree Mama Care

Compassion Tree Mama Care

The journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood is a sacred transformation.

Compassion Tree logoI recently heard a new turn on an old proverb: It takes a child to raise a village. If the people in that village are aware that this child, this amazing little being is watching everything they do, how will they live?

Young children and babies are like sponges, learning about the world through what they witness. In the womb, babies are swimming in mama’s inner environment, feeling her emotions and hearing what she and the people around her say.

If a mama is aware that her baby is witnessing and learning from everything she says, feels, thinks and does, how will she live? Becoming a great mama is about becoming a great being. Some women may beat themselves up over not feeling, thinking and doing the “right” way. The sacred transformation to mamahood is best made with support – people and community and resources who can bring us back to compassion, love and confidence.

Quality support empowers us to birth and mother in the way we know is best. This support honors a mama’s values, and does not impose a “right” way of doing things. It’s a very special thing to find the people and community who resonate with who you are and the conscious mama you are becoming.